LUT0338-FC-2700 2.7GHz Frequency Counter

Category: Frequency Counter

 Frequency Counter is a low cost, high precision, low power device with optional computer interface (RS-232), data hold, data record and relative measurement capabilities. This unit is a microprocessor based bench-top tool with a large LCD display, battery powered piece of test equipment that is ideal for VHF, UHF and CB frequencies. The FC-2700 is lightweight, yet has a wide range of operation temperatures and humidities.

  • TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator) time base for high stability and accuracy
  • High sensitivity for VHF and UHF frequency measurement
  • 2.7 GHz frequency counter with four ranges for greater accuracy
  • Battery powered with optional AC and DC adaptors
  • Microprocessor controlled for:
    • Frequency
    • Period
    • Multi resolution
    • Data Hold
    • Relative measurement
    • Data record
  • Optional RS-232 Interface
General Specifications
Frequency Range 10 Hz ~ 2.7 GHz
Resolution 0.1 Hz for 10 MHz range
Sensitivity 50 mVrms on the 2.7 GHz scale
Stability vs Temperature ± 1.5ppm + 1d (10 ~ 30 Celcius)
Frequency Accuracy ±2 ppm + 1d
Time Base Circuit 16.777216 MHz TCXO
Operating Temp 0 ~ 50 Celcius (32 ~ 122 F)
Operating Humidity < 80%
Power Supply 6 AA batteries (9 VDC adapter optional)
Weight 2.5 lbs // 1.2 Kg


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